Essay on Graduation Speech : My Experience

1014 Words May 27th, 2016 null Page
Applying my efforts in this specific class I believe has improved my skills tremendously compared to my prior years of literature. Compared to last semester and this semester is that I have felt more pressure on my shoulders about receiving better grades and studying an extremely large amount of time. I was pushed to take most of my time and form it into a way of studying specifically for the writing portion to see if I earned college credit for the future. The goals I wanted to conquer first semester was being able to address the prompt and also strengthen my grammar and word usage. I made progress from the beginning of Lord of the Flies where I struggled with addressing the prompt and getting the main point across. I strengthened the weakness of not addressing the prompt by attempting to write thoroughly explicit bullet points for the writing prior to forming the rough draft. I then worked on ways that I could repair that mistake which then leads to attempting to make the prompt be addressed in a creative mindset. I improved on addressing the prompt when we had to write a photo-synthesis essay in which we had to address the different forms and perspectives of what a photo can manipulate. During the essay I went with the perspective of past vs. present and in that essay I answered the following questions in body paragraphs “To be the one to ask millions of questions about who is in the photo? What were they doing there? How does nature affect a photograph? and what was…

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