Essay on Graduation Speech : My Educational Journey

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Childhood is one of the most developmental times in a person’s life. We learn to read, to write, and to count numbers. Unfortunately, I almost failed to have this part of my educational journey fulfilled. Over the years I had several instances, involving the misfortune of my family, in which I felt as if education was unnecessary. I was easily discouraged and was determined not to succeed. My mother was incapable of assisting me with my education and my father was not in my life to help me learn. The only place I found salvation was at school, through my teachers; two individuals, specifically, helped me understand education is the key to a worthy and successful life, and without it I was susceptible to failure. Mrs. Albertina and Mr. Maurici are the two teachers who used their skill and determination to steer me into the direction of literacy and achievement. Previous to joining Mrs. Albertina’s class, I had switched schools twice in one year, one from Florida to New York, and was feeling extremely pessimistic about my life as a student. I was unwilling to make friends, unwilling to listen to her, and unwilling to learn all together. My mother showed little concern for my actions and allowed me to behave in school however I deemed appropriate. If I did not want to learn, it was my issue not hers. She recently became a single mother, because the move was to distance ourselves from my father; she was unable to distribute her time evenly among maintaining the house, our…

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