Graduation Speech : My Education Journey Essay

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My education journey has been through some setbacks, but I have continued to push forward and conquer. I felt that I had a fixed mind set because of challenges I have faced in school. When I was younger I would feel discouraged easily when I would fail. I would think to myself that I cannot succeed in school because I did not believe that I could learn certain material. I had a fixed mindset.
My biggest accomplishment in school is when I graduated high school early. I decided that public high school was not for me, because of all of the distractions I had. So I begged my mom to transfer me to Butterfield High School. I went one time a week to meet with my teacher were I turned in all my homework and took my tests. I feel that going to Butterfield helped me become more responsible.
I had a .5 GPA and almost a full year behind when I decided to get back on track and dedicate myself to graduate before my peers. I was told in the beginning that there was a big chance that I was not going to graduate on time since I was too far behind and that I would be lucky to graduate on time. I took that information and used it for motivation. Every week I would come in hours before my appointment with my teacher and take test after test. I was making honor roll every semester and getting all A’s. I slowly but surely made up all my credits and was on my way to graduating early. I ended up finishing high school my junior year.
Despite what others said I motivated myself and conquered a big…

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