Graduation Speech : My Dream Goals Essay

828 Words Oct 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Goals for me have been set time after time but life goals have stayed consistent ever since I realized what life goals are. Uniquely I would call it my Dream goals, with my passion for people and always wanting to help people has driven me to enter the medical field. Back to school, throughout my early development and into middle school and high school, education has been pushed without end. The majority of my family has had some type of great achievement in Education. Naturally I want to succeed and Im excited to have this class in my schedule. But I need to answer the very important question, “What do I want to become?” Ryan Jae Ruffin-Hawthorn, Is my name. Although it is a great name it does not define who I am. When I was little and started school I bounced around a lot. It wasn’t due to moving housing locations or anything like that but it was due to how I learn. Throughout schooling I’ve only attended private school and only one year at Daggett Montessori. Fast forwarding to high school, even as a freshman knowing that in three years I’ll have to be looking for a college to attend. I was that nervous but lackadaisical kid who was trying to have fun and was not concerned about school. As much as I regret having almost wasted a year of high school I am proud to see how far I’ve come. Moving to senior year I boosted my GPA, sports were doing well, I learned how to study and ace tests, and no more relationships. Although I was enjoying my senior the stress from…

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