Essay about Graduation Speech : My Dad

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Growing up my mom always read to my brother and I and taught us a love of reading. I always struggled in school trying to learn and retain the things that were taught except in English class, that class was my favorite not because I learned how to spell or write stories but because I got to read. Reading to me has always been an escape from reality, I can go into a book and lose myself for hours.

I have had many literacy sponsors in my lifetime but My biggest sponsor would have to be my mother, I am sure a lot of children idolize their parents in some way or another and I certainly idolized my mother. She was a single mom raising two children on her own, Money was always tight and extra activities were difficult to afford. But we were blessed to live across the street from our towns public library and on the days my mama was off work we would always get a book and she would read to us. She did that for years and years sitting on our old faded couch . I didn 't realize it then but I do now that my mama loved education and reading and she knew that that was the only way to make herself better. When I gave Birth to my daughter my mama went to school and became a nurse at the age of fifty five and graduated with honors two years later. She inspired me to try to become what I had never thought I wanted to be.... a Nurse. I watched her as she was going to school and I learned right along with her. I would help her study for tests and that’s where I learned to love Nursing.…

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