Graduation Speech : My Dad 's House Essay

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Though by the end of my freshmen year, my parents had been split for over five years, my mom had just begun to re-enter the dating scene. She had joined a couple of dating websites, and consequently had begun seeing many men in rapid succession. Ever conscious of our time together, however; she made an effort to only make plans with her suitors on nights I was at my dad’s house. Unfortunately, that weekend my dad was in one of his foul moods, and I feigned an illness to escape back home. I did not want to be that horrible sort of daughter that threw a wet blanket on her parents desire to move on and find someone, and therefore put on an air of nonchalance when she asked if I would mind if she kept her date. In all honesty, I did not mind at the moment I agreed, and was excited to have the house to myself, ready for a night of binging on reality TV and junk food. She left at seven, with a promise she would be back around nine. I answered with a quick grunt, already engrossed in the story of a bride whose dream of a tight, glitzy dress conflicted with the princess ball gown her traditional mother wanted her to buy. I passed the rest of those two hours in that manner, only moving to snag snacks from the fridge. 9 o’clock went by, quickly followed by 9:15. At this point, I had begun to awake from my reverie, as I knew the restaurant was only about five minutes away. I shot her a quick text, followed by a phone call ten minutes later, accompanied by a voicemail in which I…

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