Essay on Graduation Speech : My Classroom Goals

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In my classroom, objectives are clear to all students, so I ranked myself at proficient. I start each class with them visible on the board. Sometimes, we cover the prior day’s objectives in a starting activity as an informal assessment of knowledge, and other days we start with what the day’s objectives are and what I hope students will gain from the lesson. I follow our school’s Marzano method in regards to having visible objectives to students that are clear and concise. I have the thought process that it helps give guidance to the day’s lesson by having a clear direction and objective visible to all students and a helpful reminder to myself.
For adapts pace by monitoring student understanding, I would say I between progressing to proficient, as I have learned to gather cues from my students on their understanding. Whether it be from assessment, to facial expressions, to general body language, I can gather a lot from the non-verbal language of student understanding. I put myself in between progressing to proficient, because I have already started to adjust and monitor based on student understanding from my previous year of teaching. It really depends on the group of students I am working with to accurately gauge the proper pace.
I really like to challenge and get students to defend their personal beliefs/opinions, so I’d say that I am proficient in the understand how to ask questions to stimulate thinking and discussion category. I often try to push buttons with students…

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