Graduation Speech : My Childhood Essay

1290 Words Sep 8th, 2016 6 Pages
1. My adolescence began when I was about 12. Puberty didn’t hit me till I was about 15, but around age 12 I was noticing a lot of emotional changes. I started to care more about what my friends and what a stranger’s perspective was of myself. I began experimenting with clothing styles to find the style that brought me more friends and attention. At this age I also noticed that I hated when my parents would tell me what to do, I was always picking fights with my mom or even using rebellious notions to get attention or even just piss the parents off.
2. The end of my adolescence was around 17. I was finally done with puberty, I had my first heartbreak and I fully understood what it meant to be independent and I had mature dramatically during this age. I stopped caring about what others had thought of me, I felt confident in my body, I had ruled out a lot of the friends that I knew were no good for me. Around this age I started to think about what I wanted for my future and what kind of woman I wanted to develop into. The change from a selfish mindset to wanting to be a caregiver and develop intimate relationships is what drastically changed me from an adolescent to and emerging adult.
i. Beginning: The physical changes that I noticed at the beginning of my adolescent years would be the outward changes. I noticed that my breasts were starting to enlarge, I was getting taller, and I had also gained weight. ii. Middle: By the middle of my…

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