Essay on Graduation Speech : My Career Goals

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Education is an ideology that is strongly revered in many cultures. In the American culture, from a young age we are sent to school to become successful and well-rounded individuals. As time continues through our academic careers, we develop many experiences and expectations within our own educational path. I have been in college since 2013, and since have changed majors, career goals, and altered my ambitions.
When I first started in fall 2013 at Riverside Community College I wanted to be an art major. Animation was my passion, bringing drawings to life appeared to me as an entertaining way to receive an education. However, it was devastatingly brought to my attention that transferring to an art university is expensive. It was necessary to find an obtainable major that would provide stability and would be available at an affordable state university. I was nervous when I decided to change my major. I did not develop a backup plan for my degree goals, which often left me stressed and on the verge of giving up. Finding a new major is not easy. Although, narrowing down your interest helps immensely. It required me to list all of my common interest, to evaluate and compare possible majors. I came to the realization that I have always been interested in computers, because I used many computers when animating. Computer sciences or Computer engineering corresponded with the qualities I had expected for a sustainable major that would lead to a good career.
Changing majors also meant…

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