Graduation Speech : My Brother 's High School Essay

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I remember going to my brother’s high school graduation in 2008 with my mom and dad; it was a public school so there were a lot of students. I was so excited to see my brother graduate high school and was waiting for his name to get called. As I was waiting for my brother’s name to get called, I noticed everyone slowly stand up; I didn’t know why they were standing up. I slowly stood up and began looking around to see why everyone was standing up. Within 5 seconds, I knew why. The superintendent of the high school came to the podium and said, “I want everyone to stand up with me and show your appreciation for this next young man. This young man has decided to forgo college and enter the Marine Corp to protect and serve our country. It is my honor to introduce you to, marine Michael Anthony Nickeas”. When I heard all the noise around me, I was mesmerized by the appreciation and support of all the parents, students and faculty. The day changed my life; I was determined that someday I would do something like that. My life was forever altered by a man who decided to do something that most people would not even think about doing. That day I made a promise to myself, that whatever path I chose in life, it had to impact other people’s lives. My history and experiences have led me to research about the Department of Homeland Security because I constantly get stereotyped by people as a terrorist; based on my skin tone. I remember getting called so many racial slurs…

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