Graduation Speech : My Brother 's Graduation Ceremony Essay

1253 Words Jan 25th, 2016 6 Pages
About five years ago, I remember sitting in the audience at my cousin’s graduation ceremony, watching him and the other students celebrate the end their high school career. One by one, their names were called as they slowly walked across the stage in their purple gowns and gold sashes in order to receive their diplomas. Everyone looked the same, it gave a sense of unity to the graduating class, but as I watched more and more seniors on the stage, I noticed that not all of them looked the same. Some of them wore blue sashes instead of gold ones. Automatically, my mind arose with curiosity as to why these certain students were different than the rest of them. Lots of ideas popped into my head, but none of them really made sense. My brain couldn’t focus on anything else except for those blue sashes for the rest of the assembly. Once it was over, and we went home, I immediately sprinted into my brothers room to ask him why those kids wore something different. He looked at my 7th grade self and said, “They wear the blue sashes because they are apart of the National Honor Society.” Again, I was very curious. After about a hundred more questions about this new information, my brother ultimately told me that it was a club for people who participate in activities to help others. That the people in this group are considered to be the best of the best. I then left his room and trudged into mine. “The best of the best?” I thought to myself. And from that moment on I knew that I wanted…

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