Graduation Speech : My Best Friend Essay

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Throughout my years of schooling i 've met plenty of nice and interesting people, most of those friendships lasted but faded away as time passed on. Except with one, i 've known my best friend (practically sister ) Jessica for five years now we met when we were in second grade. We have been through a lot of tough times together , but none was worst than last year we didn 't speak for two months. We became distanced and began to separate from each and we stopped communicating all together we made new friends,we were just not best friends anymore.But that changed , we made up eventually, but that took a lot of work and for those people that think your friendship will be back to normal , it won 't, you will have to work hard to get your friendship past the standpoint of your last one. This is a story of me telling you how I did it.

It started out a normal day at school , we met up in the morning and walked together into class. We sat right next to each other , Jessica started to talk with other people and I did the same , after all were not the only friend the other has. Lessons went by like any other day, the real drama started at lunch, usually since Jessica and I spend all day together we usually eat lunch with other friends. But today I wanted to join her, she said sure and went to where she usually sat, lunch that day was boring for me. I was hardly included in any conversation they had , I was the fourth wheel in their golden trio , it hurt so I decided never to sit…

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