Graduation Speech : My Accomplishment Essay example

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Growing up wishing that one day you can earn a trophy or medal for doing something you love the most, is everyone’s dream. While some people show off their medals and or trophy, others keep it a secret. They never tell anyone about it, and it is hard for everyone else to figure it out. Whenever I do something not everyone can do, I like to tell people so they can know all about my accomplishment. In this particular situation, I won a trophy for being the most valuable player and for scoring the last run to get the win, which I also told many people about whenever I had the chance.
To begin, this all started when I was in elementary school. In my town they always had afterschool activities, where children were able to play any sport of their interest, and if they did not like playing sports, then they would paint or do art and craft. In my case, it turned out to be softball. I was not a very good player, but after all, I soon started to learn how to play. Softball is basically the same thing as baseball, except baseball is for men and softball is for woman. In softball, there are shorter inning, and field, yet everything else is the same. Since I was a quick learner, I became a really good player very soon.
A couple of years later, I entered an enormous building with a beautiful front yard, red and yellow roses, and a big sign saying “Welcome to Middle School”. As I was entering the building, roaming around the halls, I noticed they had a big poster of the softball team. My…

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