Graduation Speech : Middle Adulthood Essay

1459 Words Aug 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Middle Adulthood is the time from ages forty to sixty-four, when individuals know that aging is unavoidable and new challenges are awaiting them (Belsky, 2013, 363). Many older adults are facing life milestones such as marriage, parenting, advancing in their careers, grand-parenting, and eventually retiring (Belsky, 2013, 366). As they age they are also experiencing physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes that they have never had to deal with before. In order to understand what these middle adulthood life events are like, I interviewed my lovely neighbor, M.K.W. M.K.W. is sixty-two years old, experiencing the end of her middle adulthood phase, and approaching her retirement phase. She has been my neighbor for the past five years and has always been very friendly and approachable. I was invited into her house, where we had a three hour long interview, which was very enjoyable and informative. M.K.W. is a very wise and intelligent woman who I aspire to be like when I’m older. My goal for our interview was to primarily listen to the wonderful stories she had to share. I really wanted to know all about her background, family history, marriage, education, career peak, current lifestyle, and her future plans. Besides my grandparents, I do not interact with many adults this age. Therefore, another goal of mine was to compare and contrast M.K.W.’s experiences and responses with what I already know and with what different theorist’s and theories have to say about this stage…

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