Essay on Graduation Speech : Mandatory Recess At Risk

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As a child, I remember recess being my favorite part of the day. It was a time to relax from schoolwork, socialize, and play with friends. As a child I could not imagine a day without it. However, the world of education is changing. With the pressure on schools to raise their standardized test scores, more and more schools are reallocating time in the school day to meet these academic concerns; hence, putting recess at risk. Despite these concerns, it is important for children to have recess in their daily schedule in order to promote the whole development of the child; mentally, physically, and socially.
Numerous surveys conducted by the Center on Education Policy found that 20% of school districts across the United States have reduced recess by an average of 50 minutes per week in order to allow more instructional time in schools. (Ramstetter 518). The belief is that increased instructional time equals higher test scores. However, studies show that a common factor in quick and easy learning is in taking breaks. This is especially true in children, as they lack experience, and a mature nervous system which is necessary to process information. (Pica). Instead of shifting from one cognitive activity to another, taking an unstructured break in-between tasks makes the learning process easier. It is harder for younger children to stay as focused for as long as an adult because their maturity levels are undeveloped.
Unstructured physical play helps reduce the stress on working…

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