Graduation Speech : Life And Life Essay

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Life Transition My life has been the result of many situations that have shaped it; however, it was not until recently when I realized just how well I have it. It took one impactful life experience in order for me to recognize that my life, compared to how others must live their lives, has many more opportunities. Once I realized my great circumstance, it was like a switch went off in my head. I had to take action and make the most of my life by looking at life in a different way.
While growing up, I was fortunate to attend a school district that offered many opportunities, and one in which most kids were well-behaved. This allowed there to be minimal distractions from school and other activities. I did not have to contend with the distractions of peer pressure, drugs, and/or criminal behavior. Also, I could never forget the lasting friends that I made throughout my years of school. Sitting in the crowded, sound-blasted lunchrooms and seeing each other around school, we would talk and have a tremendous time together, helping to make our friendship stronger. The school district I attended, Waukee, was an amazing place to learn and grow up. The schools that I attended at Waukee provided an excellent learning environment, with their spacious classrooms and helpful teachers. The teachers always asked, “What can I do to help?” making sure every student understood the material. Many students can only wish to attend a school with so many opportunities and exceptional academics,…

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