Graduation Speech Is East Mississippi Community College Essay example

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The only community college to accept occupational degree students in Mississippi at this time is East Mississippi Community College. “First time students must submit an official high school transcript reflecting a Mississippi Occupational Diploma from an accredited high school. Occupational Diploma students must also present an approved portfolio. Along with these two pre-requisites, all students must also meet placement requirements, including ACT scores and other requirements as specified by academic and technical counseling.” ( Admission Requirements, East Mississippi Community College) The last alternative for special education students is the Certificate of Completion, which is highly obtained in Covington County by special education students. Students who cannot pass other options by state graduation requirements but still want to participate in graduation ceremonies with their class may choose this path. This certificate does not have any significance other than a certificate signifying attendance of high school. It also confirms that this student may not further his/her education, not even to a community college. Also, another issue with this particular certificate is the difficulty it causes if the student wants to join the military. The only branch that allows Certificates of Attendance or Completion is the Army. Even with this certificate, a student still has to pass the ASVAB. This certificate does not deny the student the chance to return to high…

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