Graduation Speech : Is College Worth It? Essay

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As soon as students graduate high school. students are rushed back into the classroom. Many college students are pressured to know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their years. This is a disappointing fact, that causes students to change major’s multiple times, delay their studies, and dislike their jobs in the end. During the four-year journey of earning a degree, most students fail to learn the true meaning of a college education. It is something that isn’t clearly stated in the syllabus, it isn’t a question on an exam, or something that can be studied. The true purpose of an education is the valuable lessons and skills learned, the people you’ve met, and the critical thinking acquired. Students next time you’re thinking “Is college even worth it?”, think about the true hidden purpose that isn’t easily seen. It isn’t just about the piece of paper that says you’ve earned a degree, It’s about the journey along the way.
When students are studying for an exam, most students don’t realize the hidden skills they are gaining rather than just the knowledge. Students will gain excellent time management skills. They will learn to maintain balance in their work, education, family and social life. As student’s stress over college loans, they don’t see the big picture that college is teaching students about real-world money management. College is the safest and best time to make mistakes. Making mistakes will lead to making better choices down the road. Acquiring these…

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