Graduation Speech : Higher Education Essays

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Though there are a lot of people who attend school have better opportunities there are some people who have degrees aren 't able to find jobs and struggle to pay the debt they have accumulated during their time in college. Even though college is expensive and requires students to spend a lot of time focusing on school. Higher education means better jobs, better money, and different opportunities. When a person pursues a degree they gain more than just better jobs, money, and opportunities. They also gain an education that a lot of people don 't get the chance of having, and people who have higher education are more often than not out of poverty.
As kids we are told from the time we start Kindergarten to the day we graduate how important an education is. Teachers push students to their limits to make the grades that will get you into higher colleges and they tell you time and time again how important grades are and how important it is to go to school so you aren’t living pay check to pay check or living in major poverty crisis. How important is an education today? Specifically how important is a college education really? What are the differences between not having a higher education and just having a high school diploma, or no education at all?
According to the college explorer students spend $25,588 dollars a year for a four year school that’s a total of $102,352 in student loan debt by the time you graduate with just your bachelor’s degree. There are options you can take…

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