Graduation Speech : High School Essay examples

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I went through the doors of the arena nervously, but with excitement rapidly filling my body. My tassel kept falling off of my hat and I kept readjusting my red graduation robes as I went into my row. I’ve been looking forward to my high school graduation for weeks now, and with my whole family in the audience I was more anxious than ever to receive my diploma. I considered about what led me up to this moment. All the hard work, struggles, and perseverance were leading up to this. Getting more fidgety with every step, my row headed toward the stairs to the stage. All of my high school administrators were there, including the superintendent that cared way too much about the football team and the vice principal that everyone despised with a burning passion. With my name finally being called, I walked up to the stage to receive my diploma. When receiving my diploma from one of the administrators, flashes of cameras slightly blinded me, I heard cheers from my family, and saw a sea of red and silver graduation robes as I walked back to my row. I still could not believe how much I achieved through high school. I graduated with high honors and in a couple of months I would be starting my freshman year at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Those moments will forever remain vivid in my head. I still find it hard to believe that I made it this far. Especially considering that I could not form a coherent sentence until I was five-years-old.

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