Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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12 years of school seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. I can 't believe I am already about to be graduating and pursuing the rest of my life. To me, this is truly a sad time. Not because I believe high school was the highlight of my life either. I am just heavy hearted to lose contact with some of my closest friends. Elementary through high school has been a crazy exciting time, but I realize it has been this way because of the people I share all of the memories with.
I started my Elementary school career in the small town of Roslyn. Preschool was the start to my life as a drama queen. Pretty much any fight, spilled milk, or spanking that happened in Miss. Hortness 's classroom all pointed back to me. Without question I have my mother to blame for my loud voice, but my mother lacks the sense of drama that poured out of my little body. But can you blame me? Preschool was only in session every Wednesday, I had to make sure nobody would forget about Galle Waletich.
After preschool came kindergarten. In Roslyn, the school was so small that teachers taught two grades at once. So my preschool teacher was also my kindergarten teacher. I learned a heap of things in kindergarten. For instance: How to tie my shoe, how to spell my last name, and how to sing every single line to Eve 6 's song "Inside Out". I can thank both of my older brothers for that last one. Monday through Friday you would be able to find Garth, Gavin, Grey, and I squeezed into Gavin 's Blue Ford F150. We…

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