Graduation Speech : High School Essay

1212 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
At six o’clock in the evening on June 10, 2016, I sat in a gray metal fold-up chair amongst Shelton High School’s class of 2016 eagerly waiting for the turning of the tassels which symbolically represented my official completion of high school. As the sun was setting and the sky was filled with shades of pink, blue, and orange, I turned my tassels and threw my white cap in the air as our class president excitedly chanted, with his raspy voice, “We did it!” I then took a few photos with my family and best friends, said some farewells to my acquaintances, and took a final gaze of the school that I made a countless amount of memories in. As I stood there and stared at the red brick building that seemed so large and scary to me just four years ago, I took a few moments to flood my thoughts with gratefulness for the many firsts, lasts, and in-betweens that I experienced during my time here. From that point on, high school was just a memory, a figment of the past, for I will never see many of those familiar faces ever again. I, along with the other 410 members of my class, were ready to depart on separate journeys, where we would all make new friends, form new memories, and explore new passions and interests. Overall, while the experience may have been saddening for many, graduating felt like a huge weight was being lifted off of my shoulders. I was more than prepared to take on an independent life at a large university in which I would make plenty of friends who would not judge…

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