Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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Every year new kids arrive to the school and seem a bit scared because of the small environment that we learn and teacher teaches.Not to mention that it 's a middle and high school collided together.Over the few years i been intended to help young folks after school to overcome their shyness, help do their homework but not giving the answer, as a reward for the kids to complete their daily assignments , i play basketball with them and show them a couple of moves since i 'm the best one in the school.Sometimes it 's not always about the kids , i also help as well my fellow teachers such as my coach , Mr Mitat , on saturday morning at 7:30 to help set up the basketball rims.Reason behind this is because Mitat has always been like a second father to me and i don’t mind helping him or any other teachers at all.It just seems to be second nature to me.But at the end of the day , i learn a little something about me, something that it takes experince to do in order to encounter this feeling and excitement.

There was a school program called “after school care” where it begins at 3:30 basically when Middle school kids come out.After school care is basically kids that stay after school till their parents pick them up and i myself take a portion of taking care of them.As soon as they get in here , these kids literally run to me for Math problems or reading comprehesion help and it makes me feel so supportive and helpful to know that these kids have someone to come to when help is…

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