Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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While I was growing up I thought every public school was like mine, with bad food and strict schedules. As I transitioned from middle school to high school I learned that there were better public schools. My school, Sunnyside High School, had a 48% graduation rate when I was a freshman. The community was mainly made up of undocumented farm workers, including my parents. The high school was doing so poorly that a professional principle had to come and change the school system. We started to get out of school later, lunch was cut in half, and detentions were mandatory if students did not have a 2.5 or above in every class. There were teachers such as Mr.Linstran, who dedicated extra time in helping students understand course material. There were other teachers such as Ms. Ibrihim, who would not motivate nor challenge the class to grow. After high school I would learn that my high school did not prepare me to be on the same educational level as my college classmates.
My english teacher Mr. Linstran was known as the “cool teacher”. He encouraged students to come in before or after school to get extra help. I think he honestly believed everyone in his class could go to college if they tried. He tried to connect with students offering educational examples about people we admired at the time, such as Tupac, in class lectures. Linstran encouraged students and would offer stern advice to students who would not attend class regularly. One day each student was required to go in front…

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