Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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In my first couple of days as a freshman at Absegami High School, I was filled with unrestrained excitement, arrogant confidence, and erroneously believed that high school would be a cakewalk. That being said, it didn’t take very long at all for reality to kick in. High school, was not a cakewalk, and proved to be difficult beyond imaginable. Classes were time consuming, challenging, sleep was virtually nonexistent, and extra curricular activities devoured any extra time I wanted to save for myself. Fortunately, a few upperclassmen I had become friends with the summer before due to Marching Band went out of their way to help me adapt to this foreign environment. These individuals were intelligent, kind, spirited, selfless, and above all, they were humble. All traits I would become envious of as a brash, stubborn, and struggling freshman. Needless to say, I highly valued these individuals and the wisdom that naturally emanated from them. Eventually, I learned that these people were members of the Anthony J. Panarelle Chapter of the National Honor Society at Absegami. Newly assimilated into the high school environment, thanks to their example, I aspired to become a member the National Honor Society, to reach and even exceed their members dedication towards scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Just to be nominated by the National Honor Society for possible membership is an absolute honor and I am so very thankful for and with having almost spent 3 years Absegami…

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