Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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Before our freshman year of high school in Tennessee, we are required to choose a path, we have the option to take the university route or the vocational route. It seems our society has accepted this concept of education. We either choose to go in debt on average $10,000 to $40,000 taking the university route, or start out having a low-income job and trying to work up to finically stable pay with the vocational route before we walk across the stage at graduation. With the drop-out rate of 24 percent, and students claiming the cost was the issue, I believe it is clear to see that it is time to offer free public college to those who wish to attend.
In America, a four-year public college degree cost an average of $40,000 or more, this debt belongs to young adults that may have no work experience, life experience, and no to low credit (Tompor). If you go back in time to the Vietnam War most public colleges had tuition-free schooling, and students only had to pay for admissions and room and board. “When I entered UC
Berkeley as a freshman in the late 1950s, my $300 scholarship covered the first-year administration fees. There was no tuition,” stated Harlan Green (Green). If during this time the government could afford to cover public college tuition, why can they not now? Many believe that the providing free, or even lowered, tuition to students will only increase the amount of money that we as taxpayers pay. This is claimed by 22 economists that were interviewed by NPR, with…

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