Essay on Graduation Speech : High School

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“School can bind as effectively as it can liberate; it can enforce conformity and limit life chances as well as foster individual talent” (Colombo, 107). I attended DuBois Area High School, which is a public high school in a middle class town. There was about 1200 students in my school so I knew a lot of people but I would see new faces almost every day. I believe there are good things and bad things about public high schools because they have good and bad programs, they push you to go to college but have good opportunities if you are going to college, and they teach you based on the standardized test but have good liberal classes. My school had a really good math and history program. A lot of students in my school took at least one AP class in either math or history which helps prepare us for college. For example my senior year of high school I took an AP Calculus class. I am really glad that I took AP Calculus now that I am in college because I am taking a required Calculus class that is really easy for me since I took it in high school. Also, we had at least five AP history classes that were available to students. It is good for a public school to have different levels of classes because not all students have the same learning skills. On the other hand, my school had a really bad education in English and science. I did not write one paper in my whole entire high school career until my senior year. The only reason I wrote a paper my senior year was because I asked the…

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