Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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High School can be a struggle for some young adults; They just accomplished their first step into their future. After high school students need some time to unwind and get their life on track before the next step. Students who take a gap year regularly go on to be more successful in college. There is a numerous amount of benefits put into this year off. About 90 percent of students who take a year off of school, go back to college and graduate. This provides the student a new outlook and perspective, giving them a fresh start entering college.
In the professional or career world, a gap year is a year before going to a college or a University and just after finishing high school or taking a year off before going to graduate school after completing an as an undergraduate. Having this extended break may also be known as a sabbatical year. During this time, students may work at advanced courses, extracurricular school courses and even non-related to school courses. Examples of these activities may be as yearlong pre-college math courses, language studies, learning a trade, art studies, volunteer work, travel, internships, sports and more.
Gap years are strongly encouraged as a way for students to become independent learners and earn a great deal of responsibility before starting university life. There is nothing wrong with taking a gap year but many students tend to get lazy in the gap year and don 't come back to college. The American Gap Association states that, “The issue…

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