Graduation Speech : High School Essay

1500 Words May 13th, 2016 6 Pages
There in high school you have many memories, you start your year off as a freshman, you begin to have numerous memories throughout the year, you have your ups and downs and your start thinking to yourself that your can 't do it, you don’t understand anything that everyone else understands. My freshman year in high school didn 't go so well then I thought it was going to. My grades slowly when down the drain, I didn 't care what my grades were until I realized if I didn 't get my act together I would be spending my whole summer vacation in summer school because I didn 't care what my grades were. In high school, my grades weren’t as the best than other individuals. Throughout my high school years, I had progressed. Freshman year I didn’t care so much about. I had no interest, I was struggling with classes everyone may think that was easy, I also procrastinated a lot, which also didn 't make anything better than failing classes. My freshman year of high school I had the opportunity to take classes such as Photoshop, Graphic Design, Ceramics, and Foods. Those are the classes I didn 't have much trouble on, the classes I had trouble on would be Comm, Math, Science, American Government, and World Geography. The grades I would be getting for those classes would be D+ and F’s, I wasn’t so pleased when I saw those grades. You may say how can you flunk classes easy like that. Well, we know several of our classmates that do well in comm but aren’t doing their best in a math…

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