Graduation Speech : High School Essay

903 Words Oct 19th, 2016 4 Pages
When I was younger, my parents and my oldest sister told me to finish out school no matter how much I struggle while doing so. The reason my family told me this is because neither one of them finished out high school and graduated. My family didn’t want me to be like them when it came to my education. They knew that when I was younger, I was smart and I always achieved my goals, as long as I put my mind to it and worked hard. In middle school, I hard time with school. I never really payed attention much when I should’ve. By high school, I finally told myself that I needed to get my act together to be able to concentrate, pay attention in classes, do my homework and study for test. throughout high school, I did have trouble in some classes, nevertheless; I was able to get through those classes with minimal struggle and was able to reach my main goal, graduating high school. After all those long hours of studying and handwork, I was able to not only graduate high school, but I graduated with an honors diploma. Graduating with an honors diploma was the icing on the cake, for me. Not only was I proud what I had accomplished but so were my family and friends. They are all excited to see I have in store for the future too, and so am I. Now that I’m in college, I have made the decision to become a teacher. When I was younger, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I remember playing school with my siblings and I was the one who argued and fought so I could be the teacher and…

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