Essay on Graduation Speech : High School

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Before my senior year in high school, specifically my third year in high school, a plethora of people of all sizes, ethnic backgrounds, environmental backgrounds, and financial backgrounds have stated at least once that failure is not always a negative experience to endure. When individuals say that statement, I always had responded back to them in a curious tone saying “What exactly do you mean by that?”. In one of these responses to me, my cousin named Katrina told me something that I would remember for the entirety of my life. She was a petite with a fair complexion woman who was exceptionally intelligent, which she now attends college at the University of Pennsylvania. During that time, she had recently came home for winter break and spoke to me about how are my classes. When asked, I responded by saying “My classes, so far, are moderately easy, but I expect the next semester to be significantly more difficult.”. “Why do you say that Ellijah?” she asked. “Well, I have AP English with the most challenging teacher at my school.” I said depressingly and I added “His name is Mr. Ware, even the teachers state that his courses that he teaches are hard to pass.” When I stated that, she smirked and then told me about her experiences in his class, which, as a result, made me more nervous and stressed out for his class. After her stories, I told her that failing in his class would harm my standing as a student in the school; however, she instantly responded to me and…

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