Graduation Speech : High School Tennis Team Essay

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It is the morning before all of the Frisco Independent School District Highs School tennis teams compete in the final face off to see who will be the best in singles and doubles. The weather is nice and it will quickly rise to the mid-90s meaning it will be warm but a perfect day to play the match of the year. I cannot wait to get to school to see my teammates and play my final match for Wakeland High School Tennis team. I have been preparing for this match for seven years, without realizing the full effects. I am nervous but excited to see if this game will be the moment I have worked so hard for.
It all started on the second week of seventh grade, I had decided to join the tennis team to fulfill my physical education credit rather than participating in regular physical education. Coach Dougherty, the tennis coach for Cobb Middle School, came to the gym with two baskets of tennis balls. The first thing he did was explain how scoring works for tennis. For the scoring of an individual game both opponents start out with “love” meaning zero and increased to fifteen (one), thirty (two), forty (three), game. To start the game, the server and the returner were on their right side of the court. The serve would go crosscourt and they would play out the point. To win the point, someone would have to hit the ball into the net or hit it out (inside all lines for doubles and inside the inner lines for singles). Once the total amount of games added up to an odd number, the players would…

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