Graduation Speech : High School Students Essay

1147 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
Initially the student that is now a delight to work with was not so delightful. At registration, she pushed by limits, but once in the classroom, she immediately grew on me. I have her in a very small class and she is nearly always the first or second to bring forth insightful thoughts to discussion. She even asks me to cover different topics in the future that interest her. It is refreshing to have the student in class who is so interested and engaged. It makes the class easy and breeze by. By having her in class, she often helps stimulate discussion with the other students.
Our interactions have grown over the course of the school year. The rapport we have developed is great and she comes to me as a mentor as well as a teacher. She is very mature for her age and has high school friends, but has expressed that she communicates better with adults. I tend to think she is more mature for her age because of her broken family situation and she seeks out positive role models to help get through. Her parents are divorced and her mother has full custody. Her mother’s home is becoming unlivable and she is forced to live with her dad. She quit all school activities this year in order to focus her attention on working two jobs.
She does not get extra attention, but in regards to my counseling duties and career exploration all my psychology students have an advantage to having me in class as any extra time is utilized to develop future career plans. I tend to get to know these student…

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