Graduation Speech : High School Students Essay

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High school students usually have a difficult time transitioning to college from their normal lives. College is very different from anybody’s past schooling experiences, so it can be a stressful change. That change, however, could be much easier if students were made aware of what they will be facing. Colleges also find incoming students difficult to handle due to their lack of knowledge. Most high schools do not properly prepare their students for college. Many students come to college unprepared and have to take remediation classes, wasting their time and money that should be going towards a degree (Hilgoe 2). “To be ‘college ready,’ students must pass three crucial hurdles: they must graduate from high school, they must have taken a certain number of courses in high school that colleges require for the acquisition of necessary skills, and they must demonstrate basic literacy skills”(Greene 1). The ACT describes readiness as “the acquisition of the knowledge and skills a student needs to enroll and succeed in credit-bearing first-year courses at a postsecondary institution without the need for remediation”(Barton 1). Because the definition of college readiness can be described in many different aspects, there are a lot of questions in reference to starting and ensuring readiness (1). Since all colleges are different, “nobody is suggesting that all colleges need to have the same admissions standards”(“Student” 1). “The difficulty for high schools lies in preparing students…

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