Graduation Speech : High School Is A Welcoming Environment With Mixed Feelings That Mold Us For College

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Being enrolled in High School is a welcoming environment with mixed feelings that mold us for college because of how it offers leadership roles, social life activities, and a college-life experience.
One setback I encountered that was a major negative influence towards work, education, or life in High School was procrastination. If procrastination were not to be a part of one of my bad behavioral patterns, would motivation, distraction, and depressions have a role to play in my life or education? Depression, if prolonged can have any shorts and long-term effects on your mental health. During my high school years, procrastination built rapidly because I was not organized enough and this brought difficulties in my life. It led to stress, doing work in the early hours of the morning etc. Some negative effects depression has had on me are illness, low work performance, losing focus on my priorities and my goals in life. These had a long-term effect on me because it drained my motivation to achieve what I wanted, frustration and a sense of helplessness. Distractions were a big threat to my success in high school. If I had taken the chance to learn how to avoid procrastination, that could have been the missing piece in my life. An example is ‘ following the crowd’. In the middle of assignments, your best friend tells you to come and play sports. The effect of this is that, I forgot to return to my original task. Another effect of distraction on me was the high noise levels in my…

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