Graduation Speech : High School Athletes Essay

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Most adults’ favorite memories are from their past years participating in sporting events throughout their high school careers. They may not have realized it at the time, but they created memories and friendships to last a lifetime. High school athletes of future generations could not have the opportunity to invent vivid, unforgettable memories and such close relationships as our older generations had the chance to do. Not only could our future students miss out on memories and fun, but they could lack the life skills which athletes gain from participating in sports. High schools should continue to offer sports to provide students with leadership skills, opportunities for community involvement, and college scholarships to prepare for a bright, successful future. On the other hand, high school athletes have a lot on their plate and must create time to do homework and study for upcoming tests. The average high school student spends 17.5 hours on homework a week, according to U. S. News 2014. This does not leave much time for rest when a student has 2-3 hours worth of practice every day of the week in addition to games a couple days a week. Students are expected to maintain excellent grades, attend every practice and every game, and some athletes manage a job throughout all of it. These tasks cannot be done with the minimal amount of sleep that athletes receive on a daily basis.
Juggling homework, family time, sports, and a part time job can be very difficult for a high…

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