Graduation Speech : Hard Work Pays You 're Asking For It Essay example

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“You’re asking for it”
Junior year picture day was coming up, and of course I wanted to get a great picture. I picked out my favorite plain, black strapless shirt. As soon as I get to school, I am called into the principal 's office. I had been dresscoded. The middle-aged man told me that I “was distracting to my fellow male classmates.” Despite the fact that my hair falls and covers way lower than my shoulders, my body was still too inappropriate, even though every human has shoulders of their own. In today’s society, a woman 's body is discriminated against to the point where if the slightest bit of skin shows, it is presumed that the woman is trying to be provocative. The fact that authority figures, especially males, can tell an adolescent girl to “cover up,” is extremely concerning. Furthermore, most powerful and long lasting ideas about the world are learned at school. Hard work pays off. Success will come if there is teamwork. Girls’ bodies are a distraction and harassment is inevitable.
This message is sent to thousand of young girls around the world because of sexist school dress codes. Shoulders and knees and leggings and yoga pants have become a battleground. For example, at Tring High School in Hertfordshire, UK, more than 100 girls were sent home from school because their skirts were deemed too short and boys could not concentrate.The girls told Three Counties Radio that they felt “humiliated and did not want to go again on Monday.” Similarly, at Woodford…

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