Graduation Speech : Growing Up Unprepared Essay

1045 Words Jan 14th, 2015 null Page
Growing Up Unprepared What we all see as the future just slowly becomes the present before our eyes. This makes being prepared for that time to come much more important than most would think. Our parents help us grow up prepared for the little reality we know about, but what completely forces reality to be a complete surprise is school. Primarily school is supposed to set you up for college and adulthood, though nowadays schools only give you a view of reality from a middle-school standard. You follow the same set of rules from middle-school all they way until graduation, where you join college and become overwhelmed for what school has never prepared you for. Freedom, work, bills, the actual “Real World” that nothing but your parents have embraced you for, thus becoming a problem for most young adults. Firstly, the change from elementary school to middle-school is a rather large change for a kid of that age. New rules, more freedom, the ability to do more. However when you go from middle-school to high-school there is little to no change whatsoever, this is the main concern of how high-school does not prepare one for life after school. Treating young adults that can drive vehicles, hold a job, or even join the army, like little eleven and twelve year olds is definitely going to throw them off when they reach the college level after graduation. If schools made large changes and had high-school more adult like, the change from high-school to college would not have such a…

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