Essay on Graduation Speech : Graduation Party Scene

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SHOT LIST: The Graduate - Graduation Party Scene

Shot: 1.
Time: 1 min 28 sec.
Shot Size: Close-up and Medium close-up.
A close-up of Ben sitting in his own room. Ben is placed in the middle of the shot in focus. There is a well-lit aquarium behind him that takes up the whole background. In it, on the right side of Ben, there is fish, on the left side there is a scuba diver that blows bubbles to the surface. Ben’s face is lit on the left side while his right side is dark. He’s wearing a white shirt and a tie. Mr. Braddock opens a door off-frame and Bens entire face is lit. Mr. Braddock then sits down in front of Ben, taking most of the frame space on the left side of the frame. We see mostly the back of his head which is not in focus, the focus is still on Ben. Mr. Braddock moves while talking and is sometimes blocking Ben in the frame. Mrs. Braddock then come into the frame, blocking the entire frame with her dress. The camera then pulls back a little and moves up while all three of them stands up making it a medium close-up. Ben is placed in the middle of the frame between Mrs. Braddock, who stands in front of him helping him putting on a suit jacket, and Mr. Braddock, who is standing behind him wearing a suit as well. The camera moves backwards tracking all three while they are walking out of Bens’s room into a white hallway. Mrs. Braddock is on the left, Ben in the middle and Mr. Braddock on the right. Ben is walking slightly in front of them while Mrs. Braddock is…

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