Graduation Speech : Graduate Studies Essay

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After a year 's work experience as an accountant in Viet Nam, I want to return to academic study. I am applying to Northeastern University for admission to Bachelor 's Completion program. I am interested in Finance and Accounting Management.
After graduating with a first degree from Academy of Finance in Viet Nam; I was an accountant in a taxi company and one restaurant for a year. In that time, I learned many things from my senior colleagues and my chief accountant. They helped me to gain experience and develop further skills in accounting. My senior colleagues have encouraged my ambition and felt that I have the potential for graduate studies.
However, I have not undertaken graduate studies. I have chosen to study for a second bachelor 's degree in the United States. My senior colleagues advised me that when I had a bachelor 's degree, I should consider master 's degree. I think a master 's degree in accounting was not quite the direction I wanted to go. Accounting and Finance are something about which I am passionate. From studying in high school, I have always enjoyed Mathematics and problem solving. Fortunately, these two interests of mine are a part of the Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting. After graduating in accounting major and working as an accountant for one year, now I desire to pursue a career in financial consultancy and work in the global environment. When I studied at university in Viet Nam, I acquired almost of subjects related to accounting. So I want…

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