Graduation Speech For The University Of Kuwait Essay

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Wednesday, June 16, 2015. After 12 years of hard working, Anwar Almulla Graduated from high school with a high GPA and her academic journey started. In fact, some of her friends and aunts discouraged her, but she was determined to achieve her goal and be successful. She applied to the University of Kuwait. While she was waiting for her acceptance she felt so stressed her parents and siblings tried to encourage her and calm her down. Finally, after two weeks of waiting, she got her acceptance letter and she said, “I will be challenging myself and the people who tried to discourage me, I will be successful”. She got a message from the university of her registration date and time. On the registration date she was nervous and worried, but the employees at the registrar were so kind and helpful. Also, they were trying to help the students as much as they could because they were freshmen. She reseved help registering for classes. She start to get a little more calm than before registration, and started thinking about her classes. Throw back to middle school. On the first day most teachers introduce them selves to the students. In that time student can judge if the teacher is kind or not from their way of talking. She notices that most teachers were pretty serious, and they were talking about the policies. On the other hand there were a kind teacher, which made a game for the whole class, and she gave them candies in the end of the class. So she made the children to love her.…

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