Graduation Speech For Free Community College Essay

941 Words Sep 21st, 2015 4 Pages
Overworked. Stressed. Broke. There are many college students that share these feelings and are agonizing each semester. It is said that college is supposed to be one of the greatest time in one 's life, so why are students on pins and needles while getting a better education? The classes themselves are not the main stress factor, the issue lies within paying the tuition. If President Obama 's proposal for free community college is passed not only would be beneficial for the students, it would positively impact the country. Through the passing of his proposal more students would be able to attend college and it would enable students to concentrate on their studies instead of paying tuition, which will lead to less debt for the economy and more educated workers.
Throughout the years there are countless amounts of students who either drop out of college or never even attempt to attend school to pursue a better career. It sounds unfortunate, but with tuition being as high as it is now, it’s definitely understandable why one would choose not to further his or her education. The proposal for free college tuition would drastically change this point of view by allowing college to be more affordable to those who do not come from a rich family, do not have a scholarship, or are supporting themselves, but aren’t old enough to get Pell Grant. By alleviating the stress of paying college tuition the students that are in these situations would attend college and put in the work that is…

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