Graduation Speech For College Students Essay

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With each passing year, more and more high school students are becoming unprepared for college. Senior’s are not being prepared correctly for college. U.S. News reports that more than half of community college freshmen are not prepared for college level assignments. Unprepared college students leads to things such as; college graduation numbers dropping, students are unable to get a degree and in turn have a difficult time finding a steady job. This creates a vicious cycle that gets worse with each generation. I believe the majority of these issues are caused both at home and in the classroom. I do not believe school systems emphasize the importance of college and being prepared for college after high school. Students are unprepared for college because parents are inactive in their student’s life. When this happens a student loses his/her drive to excel. There are many teachers that intimidate students; therefore they discourage students from asking questions, these students and are less likely to involve themselves in group activities. In turn, students are shied away from wanting to strive for excellence. I believe solutions to this issue include more parental involvement, teachers encouraging students to ask questions and get involved, and school systems providing a mandatory college preparation class for seniors. Many students’ parents are constantly working or worrying about their own lives. In today’s society is it not uncommon for students to raise themselves. A…

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