Graduation Speech - First Grade Essay

1353 Words Nov 12th, 2016 6 Pages
First grade always stands out in my memory. I can’t remember who I spoke to on the phone five minutes ago but I sure as hell can remember first grade. I became an avid reader and started writing that year. This is when I learned I had an aptitude for telling stories. I also had a fantastic, well-educated, extremely articulate and intelligent teacher. She made a long-lasting impression, and no teacher I had thereafter has ever compared. Little wonder I recall so much from that particular time in grade school. Course, it wasn’t all good. That was also the year I learned about validation or lack thereof. It was an election year and the elementary staff decided to host its own poll in respects to the national election. We were given a choice of voting for the two running candidates at a table set up in one of the school hallways. For whatever reason I was late getting to the poll so I stood alone at the makeshift station with one of the teachers overseeing the project. There I stood, a first grader, mind you, quickly making my choice as this was the interim between class and recess. Not that my choice was rushed. The school had been heralding the election for weeks. I knew my vote. I handed off my choice to the teacher who promptly looked at the paper and asked in a singsong but disparaging voice, “Is this really who you want to choose, honey?”
This was only the beginning of a long history of invalidation for me. Whether it was a viewpoint or how I felt, there always seemed to…

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