Graduation Speech : ' Fall Just Began ' Essay example

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Fall just began. The now dead, but ironically full of color leaves, begin to float their way down to concrete sidewalks and asphalt streets. The first month of my initial year of highschool passes by with a blink of my stressed, full of homework, and freshman worried eyes. It was my mother’s birthday the day I first heard the news. October 1’st to be exact. The school day ended and I headed home excited to see all my uncles, aunts, and cousins at my house to celebrate my mom’s birthday. No matter how rowdy the bus came to be with the seniors already ill with senioritis, I was elated. The second the bus stopped at our destination, my sister and I rushed out while saying thank you to our bus driver, and ran up to our door. At home we were welcomed and greeted with hugs, kisses, pats and many: “How is school going so far?”, “Any boys catching your eye?”, “How’s the homework?”. I was flooded with all of that, that I did not realize my uncle was missing. Odd. He is always attendant at family gatherings. I started to worry and brought it up to my aunt.
“Where’s Padrino Aby? Did he stay at home with the dog or is something wrong?” I asked my aunt. Worry starting to eat at me.
“Don’t worry about it! No worries, he just couldn’t make it today. Come on let’s go outside! Everybody including the food is waiting outside for you in the backyard!”
The way she replied left me even more confused. She replied quickly and promptly as if she wanted me to drop the subject all together but I…

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