Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

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For this assignment, I interviewed a general education second-grade teacher, and a special education teacher at Hammond elementary School. After completing the interviews I was able to understand more about inclusion. I was also able to observe the second grade classroom at two different times. The first observation was before the interviews. And the second observation was during instruction. At these times I was able to pay particular attention on how the teachers used their strategy for co-teaching in an inclusion classroom. Furthermore I was able to review the IEPs of two students in the second grade classroom.

The school I did my observations is Hammond Elementary School is the elementary school I chose to complete my educational field experience. The school is a Chicago public school located at 2819 West 21 place Chicago Illinois. And it serves 488 children, from preschool to eight grades. According to Schoolinfo, “Hammond offers a rigorous program of instruction to engage students in a collaborative setting resulting in academic achievement. Bilingual Education/ESL and special education services are provided to qualified students.” Also the population demographics are 89.8% Hispanic, 8.6% Black and 1% White. Furthermore, the school’s population is 98.2% low-income families and the school hours of operation are 8:00am -3:00pm Monday through Friday, and all students qualify for free meals (

The inclusion second grade classroom I observed has 21…

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