Essay on Graduation Speech : Elementary School

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I remember my kindergarten days, when most of class time consisted of learning phonics in class. I recall doing this as the whole class repeating the sounds of letters in unison. We would all go “st, st, st” as we learned how different sounds came together. The alphabet also started becoming relevant in kindergarten. A fair amount of time was spent tracing letters of the alphabet and remembering how to scribe each one. We would also do rainbow writing, where we traced the letters in all kinds of colors. At this stage, I was learning how to compile words and even read simple sentences. Kindergarten was also a part of my life where my parents would take time every night to read to me. This activity really helped me grow in my literacy and made school much easier. When I entered elementary school, literacy jumped to a whole new level. I went from reading short stories and picture books to small chapter books. In this stage of my education, I could read sentences somewhat smoothly. I was still sounding words out, but could manage to plow my way through a book. When I entered third grade, I read chapter books with Mr. Shae. We read the series The Magic Tree House. This is when I started having group discussions about what I read. This is when my literacy journey took another step as well. I truly started to understand my reading at this point. I was also getting feedback from my classmates as they discussed their own thoughts that they encountered while reading. As I moved onto…

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