Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

1005 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
In secondary one, many of us are nervous to be going to high school and being with others that we weren’t necessarily with in elementary school. For me, though, it wasn’t the case; most of the graduating class from my elementary school also came to my high school. I was in a special program, The Accelerated Learning Program, with 29 other students from all over Laval. There were three others that came to my elementary school who were also in the program, one of them being my best friend now. The program was one where an entrance exam was needed to see if we were capable of being able to do two years in one. In secondary one, grade seven and eight math were taught, and the pattern continued until secondary four, doing grade eleven math, and precalculus in secondary five. Although I already had friends from elementary in my program, also being in all my classes, since we had every subject together, I wanted to still branch out and make new friends as well. I had made friends with three other girls and my now best friend, and we were a cool little group of five. I made a friend with a quiet girl who was and still is as sweet as sugar and our friendship is one that’s been solid throughout the years. I made a guy friend who was very dear to my heart; he was my best guy friend, maybe even my best friend, since everyone else was always in their other groups. I also became friends with everyone else in the class, because after a few short weeks together in every class, our program…

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