Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

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I was first aware of my “class” in the fifth grade when I was attending Hidalgo Elementary School. My parents decided that it was a time for a change because it wasn’t in a good neighborhood. My parents decided to transfer me to Bullard TALENT by the end of 5th grade which was a different environment for me than what I was used to. The majority of people attending Bullard TALENT were Hispanic and the majority of people attending Bullard TALENT were high end people. I was used to being around Hispanic people that when I attended Bullard TALENT I felt different from my classmates I felt like an outsider who didn’t fit in at all. I remember crying to my parents so they could switch me back to my old school, but they said no and that I will be better off staying there. I couldn’t communicate with them because my English wasn’t the best. They were very nice people but the change in environment and people made me feel like I was missing a part of me. Luckily I made a lot of friends and enjoyed going to school there.

I was first aware of the differences in gender when I was in Kindergarten. I remember when we would have recces time for about 45 minutes or so and all the girls would gather around with the girls, and the boys will gather around with boys. They separated themselves from one another. In that precise moment I knew not everyone was a girl. They had different hairstyles, and different style of clothing. I never understood why the girls didn’t want to play with the boys…

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