Essay on Graduation Speech : Elementary Education

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Final Reflection

For my major I have chosen Elementary Education, I believe that this major will be the best fit for me because of my passion for working with kids. Next fall, I plan on enrolling at Mayland Community College and hope to earn my associate’s degree and then I am going to transfer to a four- year university to earn my bachelor’s degree. The top three colleges I am considering for transfer are East Tennessee State University, Appalachian State University, and Mars Hill University. I have not applied to any of these colleges yet, so, therefore, I haven’t been accepted yet. I would begin going to the University in the fall of 2018 and I would hopefully graduate the spring of 2020.
My top college choice for transfer is East Tennessee State University. The annual out of state tuition cost at ETSU is approximately $15,000. Ways that I have learned that I can apply for Financial Aid to help me pay for my college education, also there are several scholarships I can apply for to help me with my cost. I am planning on applying for Financial Aid this winter and I have been applying for scholarships that will help me pay for college, as a last resort, I will take out college loans and hopefully make enough money in my career to help me pay off those loans. Over the next few weeks, I plan to apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships to help me receive as much money as I can to help me and my parents pay for my college education. I am currently applying for scholarships…

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